Friday, 13 January 2012

To granny with all my love

January 4th 2012

It was three years back that you stepped out on this day- the day your Peru got married; I remember you sang at the sangeeth.

And today you left home for the last time.

Do I miss you?

No. Because you will always be in my heart-corny as it sounds. You will always be a part of me, the life you lived guiding mine.

I do miss the old times though- the “sun-bathing”, the Q&A sessions, the run-ins, the weekly treats and countless weddings, funerals and gurpurabs we three went to, the hugs and the kisses; not so much the four whacks I received whilst growing up. We really were the three-musketeers weren’t we- you, daddy and I. You were Are and will always remain my ma- it’s just daddy and me now of the trio but we are pulling along fine, as are mom, dad, buas, uncles and the rest of your punj piyares.

It was always about us first, wasn’t it, as you left us bit-by-bit over the last three years? You withdrew slowly so that when the time to say goodbye came, the blow won’t be hard. Expected (and sometimes hoped) we did, hoping you didn’t have to suffer the way you did. But when the time came, it was still very difficult to bid you adieu. Thank you for the invaluable love and wisdom you left us with. I know you will be watching over your family and loved ones.

Something tells me through the distance and years, you will be guiding me to do the right thing- silently bidding me to hold my tongue whenever I am ready to give in to my anger or to practice compassion when the easiest thing to do is walk away from the hurt, but above all trusting me to love and to give- just as you did. Yes you taught me well.

There is new life blossoming around me and I know some time, you will be back- till then, know that I hold you very very close. Love you always.

P Peun.


Latin Sardar said...
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ssstoryteller said...

words sweet for a love that never fades

Prerna said...

Thank you. :) She was very very special.