Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Days of our lives

I spent the last one hour going over my posts over the last three years.

Wow. Three years. Three brand new years in a foreign land, which V & I call home; 3 years (almost) with a husband, who I still think of as boyfriend, three years spent in introspection, a scant three year into married life which still feels brand new, in spite of my 3 decade old existence.

How things have changed yet are the same. The dishes are still dirty but V can finally find his socks by himself. Fights still rage on but hurt less. Love remains but has matured. I still don't have an office to go to, but I now work from home. People still seem to only want to know “What's Cookin' “but I am happy to regale them about my culinary ventures.

Some circumstances/issues and certain folks still irk but I have moved on from ranting to patience and mirth in the face of irritation. Deep breaths help, I find. Some people divert their attention from the cause, I sit and dissect it- till nothing is left to ponder upon. I love these mysteries, the ones that dissolve into nothing because they were nothing to begin with. Why? Because they seldom reappear. And if they do sometime, you know to shrug them away.

At the face of it, circumstances haven't changed much but my perspective has. Made new friends, lost some excess baggage, reconnected with happy people from the past. I am still me but better. Being kind, helped. Laughing too.


Shalini said...

:))))))))))))))) way to go gal! shooo happee fa ya :))))

Prerna said...

Thank you :) Long time no see.

Anonymous said...

Nice to see the zen! :)