Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Chicken Soup any one?

It all started when I received a mail from my darling friend Nangsyal who asked me to stop moping around and start writing. And it was not just random advice, she sent an advert along that was asking for submission by writers. It was for the Chicken Soup for the Indian Bride's Soul. Yes, yes, very apt; you can stop grinning now.

I must admit that I was filled with doubts. I had never explored the realm of short stories before this, at least not one to be submitted for publication. Agonising over it for weeks and many false starts later, I finally sent it. I guess I had to, it was the last day of submission and I had exhausted everyone's patience with my rants and angst to pen the perfect master-piece :/

This was six months back. And today I am very excited to announce that the book is finally out. Ladies & Gents one of my stories is out there for you to read and I would be grateful if you could tell me what you thought of it! You can order your copies here and here.

And now I will take your leave and go giddy with joy, again!