Sunday, 21 November 2010

Girl's night in

Now weekends are pretty sacred for V and me, as they are the only days where we can spend “quality” time together; he finishes pending work and I, well, work. To be fair, even if we don’t do anything especially special together, it’s nice to have each other around even if doing mundane stuff. But every once in a while, one of us takes time out to be with our friends doing things we did before tying the knot (which doesn’t include chatting up pretty girls, mind you; as for me, well I have no such predilections).

Today was one such day when V decided to get together with the boys and do stuff boys do when together. I could have gone and met my friends but decided to stay in instead. Reason: I like being by myself sometime. I don’t know if it is a single child thing or a trait peculiar to me or just something some people like doing- but yeah, every now and then I like to spend time with myself and doing things I enjoy.

With the luxury of spending an evening by myself, I decided to treat myself to bit of good ol’ take away, followed by cleaning up my work station, a.k.a as the kitchen and do some hardcore baking, accompanied by photography and making a couple of blog entries.

Dinner was some scrumptious-looking ready-made lasangne I had been eyeing in the supermarket aisle for a while now. With the hubby gone, I decided to indulge myself. Would have loved a glass of wine along with it, but settled for some juice instead. Once dinner was over, it was time to clean up la cucina. If two years back I had foreseen the future where I saw myself deriving pleasure over scrubbing the kitchen slab and sprucing up the fridge’s interiors, I would have begun believing in those alien abduction stories. However, two years from then, and minus extra-terrestrial intervention, I did all that and felt good.

Next on the agenda was baking. Now, I had been craving something sweet and chocolaty since afternoon. So the toss up was between chocolate chip cookies and cake; I opted for brownies instead. But that was not all. A couple of bananas were fast approaching their due by date and were nowhere closer to being eaten in their true form, so I decided to bung them in a bread instead. So came the banana bread. I wasn’t too sure how it would turn out, but I gotta admit the result wasn’t bad, not bad at all. So if you want to make better use of the fruit, try out the recipe here.

If you are wondering why I am not letting the brownie recipe out, well that’s because I took the easy way out and used a pre-mix. The verdict: avoid premixes. Enough said.

Before I got married, I was one of those who thought that post nuptials, you and the spouse have to live in each others pockets. And to be honest, it was never a prospect that appealed to me. Then I thought maybe once I met the right person, I wouldn’t mind spending all my time with him. When V came along and we decided to take the plunge, I was worried about how long I would survive in the cosy twosome; I need not have had. Even though V is someone who loves to have people around all the time, he respects my need for space. We never HAVE to do things together all the time or BE together all the time we are back from office. But when we do spend conscious time together, it is filled with love, laughter, banter, and at times companionable silences. I guess I have nothing to complain about, at least 50% of the time! J

For now, I am content. Happy to be by myself, listening to the world around me go to sleep, waiting too for hubby to return and sample the cake; after which he would tell me how much he likes it and oh-how-he missed me!


Latin Sardar said...
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Vinoo said...


March Hare said...

@LS, @Vinoo: :D

ssstoryteller said...

well we shared a plate of thoughts today!
well worded!

March Hare said...

@ssstoryteller: Much appreciated! glad u visited!

Sengemo said...

A big hug from Delhi and a request. Bake me a banana bread the next time you are here :) lots of love.

March Hare said...

@Sengemo: A big hug right back to you! and will bake u that loaf, pucca!

Charu said...

I agree sometimes "jst being with myslf" is jst what we need.. btw since u will b making a loaf for zing, u cud make 2 and send me one too :)

March Hare said...

@Charu: Will do! :)