Tuesday, 31 August 2010

These are some of my favourite peeps!

Do you remember those emails better known as "forwards" that did the rounds in the past, educating you on traits of a Delhite, socialite, Keralite, a pure delight or an absolute shite. I thought of making up a list of mine. I decided to list markers to identify those friends who are for keeps. The data has been gathered through several personal and not-to-so personal experience over the last few years. Of course I will not go viral with these and put them up in my personal space instead. So here goes…

A good friend, according to me, is one who*:

… picks up a conversation from where you left it last, whether it yesterday or two years ago.

… who doesn’t hold you down in the name of friendship when she knows that letting you go is best for both of you

… who tries to be friends with your husband/wife

… knows exactly where to take you out to eat when down in the dumps is the highest you have been in the past few days

… helps keep the peace when everyone around you is going mad at your wedding

… tells you to suck it up if she/he thinks that all your cribbing is doing you no good

… who is sensible enough to distinguish that you are separate from the crap her boyfriend brings in to her life

… believes age is just a number

… pays a sincere compliment by lapping up half a litre of sambar you prepared

… reads your blog without you begging him to

… eats a burnt omelette you prepared, without a murmur

… keeps his/her sorrow aside to help you cope with yours

… lets you share her burden

… has the balls to apologise for being a jerk many moons ago

… has the grace to accept your apology for the time you let him down

… doesn’t rub her singledom in your face

… is neither jealous of you marital status nor pities it

… who eggs you on to follow your dream, whether tiny or ambitious

… who inspires you

… accepts you for who you are, quirks, oddities, neurosis, redeeming qualities alike

… never says “I told you so”

… doesn’t hide his true self from you

…saves your toothbrush that you left at her place by mistake, for you to use the next time you visit to escape a rainy day

It doesn’t matter if you don’t forward this to twenty people or don’t ring/mail me to tell me how much this means to you. All I care is that you were there when it was necessary and were away when necessary and will always be special to me.

* these are in random order

P.S: A good friend is also one who gives you lovely artwork to adorn your blog with!!! :D


Latin Sardar said...
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Latin Sardar said...
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roopabee said...

Read this before, read this again... and sure will read it a few times more. And I jolly well know, it will make me smile. Everytime :-)

March Hare said...

Thanks Roopster! U rock! Also want to thank you for that lovely illustration! Muah!