Sunday, 15 August 2010

Housewives, beggars: same difference

It's not me, it's the Indian government which says this. Don't believe me? Check out the 2001 census report or this news report if you are more inclined to the pithy bits.

Ever since I read this, I have been itching to say my piece. And I did, only this time it was at
The NRI, an online magazine dedicated to the vast and diverse international community of Indians residing outside of India.

An excerpt from my guest post:

The government of India’s 2001 Census, according to this news report, considers housewives, or home-makers if you prefer, to be economically non-productive workers, and by this virtue categorises them with prostitutes, beggars and prisoners.

I will give you a moment to let that sink in.

The first time I read it, my hackles rose. I agreed with the Supreme Court’s observation that it was “callous” and “insensitive”. But when I calmed down I realized that the census report merely reflected what the general perception of non-professional women.

A majority, men and women, believes that those who choose to run a house hold have “wasted” their lives away which all about lounging around the house, watching telly and cooking the odd meal or two. The impression is that these women have unlimited free time with nothing to productive to do.

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