Tuesday, 20 July 2010

A very very happy Unbirthday!

If I ever have kids, I will have to put a reminder (with a loud alarm) of their birthdays on my mobile. ‘casue I don’t think they will be very happy if mommy baked them a birthday cake two weeks too late!

You might have noticed that the blog wears a new look and that was what I had intended for marking the one year anniversary of blog writing, which incidentally was a fortnight back, while in my head it was supposed to be today!

Then again, better late than never, I say! But as it is not really a birthday, birthday: Here's to a happy unbirthday to ME!

I can’t believe it’s been a year that I started Livin’ la vida sofa. This blog, may I tell you, is one of those very rare endeavours that I have persevered with! It was one frustrating Monday when I sat cribbing to a friend about my predicament of empty days. He asked me to give blogging a shot. “No harm in trying,” I thought and that was one of the most productive thoughts that I dared to act upon.

From being a time pass, it went on to become a stress buster. It proved to be an excellent life-coping device (imagine the thousands it made me save on counselling!) to a way of connecting with some lovely and interesting people, who were kind enough to lend me their support and attention. They made me feel very good about myself, which came in quite handy on the days I was low and believe me there were some very very low moments. To you I extend heartfelt gratitude.

Hmmm… this has started to sound like an Oscar award speech. But WTH, it IS my blog and I can pretty much do what I feel like, right?

So here goes! I would like to thank my husband who featured prominently in quite a few entries and brought about quite a few laughs. Thank you LS for egging me on to write and SGK for being a source of inspiration; readers who keep coming back to mrsquote, those who leave kind notes behind and also the ones who come and leave silently. I hope you enjoyed your time here and hope you continue to return.

I hope to regale you with more as we go along. But right now it is back to the kitchen and to dinner that is waiting to be cooked, to the dishes that need to be washed and to the husband who continues to snore! Life is good!



Pratish said...

Congrats and keep punching those keys!


Latin Sardar said...

Thank god for that suggestion to write. At least I get to read some good stuff coz of that.

Mum's the Word said...

Really one year flew by like noone's business. And hey where is my special thankyou for leaving comments? :( I don't get appreciated in Oscar's or Blog's.....:( hehehe....

Also, the first sentence in this blog seems to suggest that you plan to have a football team of little kiddies of your own. Hope V is geared up for it.... hehehe :)

March Hare said...

Thank ye all fer ur kind words! Lo, you will feature in some other acceptance speech, i promise! :D