Tuesday, 11 May 2010

No net, Gain

For those who cared to notice, the blog was lying fallow for the past few days. The reason being that the homeland beckoned, the call which I heeded and once there, came the summons from God’s own country (which, upon reaching, I came to conclusion had been leased out to the devil this summer). However, as exaggeration is my wont, please ignore the rant. Because I did have a good time, in terms of catching up, sleeping, driving (which I got to do after a year of being driven around in public transport) around the merry country side and no access to the world (gone) wild web.

True to the nature of an addict I was shattered when I first was apprised of the fact that lightening had struck (literally) and the connection had gone poof… for two days I paced around like a wounded cheetah and on the third, realising it was futile to crib, I relaxed- literally and figuratively. Having done that, for the first time I realised how much of my life was stuck in the virtual world.

In the days of disconnect I reconnected else where. Got down to calling friends, meeting up with relatives, catching up on local news, enjoyed conversations face to face, ran around the courtyard with young cousins, sang songs driving down to the beach, a few of us gathered enough courage to go calf deep in the Arabian sea, jotted down recipes, spoilt the little niece rotten, got together with family and prayed; spent time introspecting sans distractions or disturbance of any kind. In all, I survived and how.

With no more job applications to access or Facebook rivals to envy, I sat down and counted my blessings. That of being a part of home and hearth where I was loved and cherished, of lives lived off the virtual world, where realities are so different from most of ours, of the complexity of this difference and the simplicity of acceptance that led to a sense of peace. Of understanding your role in the game higher powers play and appreciating someone’s ability to smile even when times are tough and most importantly to understand that one is lucky to have all that one has, and in the balance of things, your life is filled with positives.

Now those who think I have taken up sanyas and am bidding the world adieu; if only you were so lucky. All I am saying is that I finally understood the meaning of taking a break and loved every second of it. I am sure there many among you who know what I mean, but those who were stuck in the Ethernet like me, go ahead, let go… I promise the break would be worth it!


saina said...

niiceee :)

Mum's the Word said...

Well can see you are having an awesome time in Kerala.....inspite of the searing heat. while you're at it....pls have a few rounds of drinks on my behalf....since I am in no-drink land. :( :)