Friday, 29 January 2010

I did it my way

There was not much ado about things last couple of weeks, hence the silence of the blogs. Hate the fact that, barring once, my log has mostly stuck to two entries per month so thought of penning down a few Whooopie moments which were a result of some very un"me"like actions, which in turn were triggered off by indulging in spot of positive thinking and acting out my contemplations instead of well just contemplating, to make up for the sparse entry count. And as I am not so much a fan of resolutions or "I have to do" lists, so I am presenting to you some items of my "I did it/and still doing some" personal milestones of 09-2010 (these are in no particular order). So here goes:

  • Consciously thought of becoming fit and now acting upon it
  • Watching what I eat (not just when it is being prepared)
  • Walking (briskly, may I add) three miles a day when it was 2 degrees outside and with a wind cold enough to make breathing a task (maybe i will cross climbing a mountain off my list) (Smart asses can keep their opinion to themselves! Any one trying to dampen my spirit will be sent the evil eye!)
  • Baked a blackforest cake (please note - none of this in chronological order!)
  • Roasted a chicken
  • Begun volunteering, finally, after years of thinking about it
  • Got some photographs published
  • Started a blog
  • Got back in touch with the joys of meditation
  • Indulged in some honest retrospection
  • Cut loose some old ties, bad habits; wasn't pleasant but had to be done. But for once it was pick yourself up, dust off and move on
  • Lived/ing in London
  • Ushered in the new year atop London Bridge
  • Met/meeting people with varied interests and life goals, who are just like you and me but with fascinating stories to relate
  • Became a Twit (resisted it for so long... succumbing to this curiosity was the best online temptation to give into)
  • Met a 104-year-old lady, hoping to be invited to her 105th.
  • Began dieting
  • Heading to Glasgow in a few days
  • Bonded with my niece
  • Stopped complaining about most stuff
  • Swept, swabbed, tidied the house all by myself
  • Chopped aromatics after resisting the act for 28 years! Granny would be so proud
  • Read authors I never heard of/watched movies I wouldn't have bothered to earlier
  • Wrote hundreds of job applications and received and equal number of rejections and still not giving up
  • Felt gratitude for having a loving family
  • Feeling good to be me
  • Felt grateful for friends who stood by me no matter what
  • Made some awesome new friends
  • Up against the next big challenge after the summer of 2008, when things were really down; once again not giving up. Perseverance paid off then, hoping for an encore. (V knows what I am talking about, we finally got married you see!)

Hmm... all in all a good year. Happy :)


saina said...

niice :)

Latin Sardar said...

Nice!! :D
Cakes, chicken and then long walks...

Charu said...

i like :)

relentlesslyrestless said...

Very very very very proud of you my love. This list is totally inspiring me! Tight hug

sengemo said...

am interested in
* got photos published (send me the link)
* met a 104 year old (wow!!!) tell me more about it
* Swept, swabbed, tidied the house all by myself (really??, can't believe it)

lots of love :)

March Hare said...

Thank ye all! @ Tenz: U may soon read all about the 104 year old in this blog! :D Photos will be sent to ya! HUGS