Friday, 8 January 2010

"Bra"ve new world

I woke up to a very colour themed facebook front page today. Suddenly all women seemed to have gone, pink, black or red. Seemed too much of a coincidence even to my fogged brain (being 7 am and all that) and only after I read very excited messages from three dear friends did it all make sense to me. You see yesterday some one executed a novel scheme of getting breast cancer awareness going. Give out the colour of your bra and raise ahem, awareness...

Its genesis is unknown. All that we know is that it started on Thrusday evening and caught on like wild fire. While I am not sure of the campaign's efficacy, I do know now that my friends and friends’ friends have a very colourful chuddi drawer. (Having said that, black still rules for most).

Like I said, I don't quite know how far the colour outings will go in spreading awareness, but I came across the following and what the writer had to say seemed like a good idea to share.

So, while you’re peeking inside your shirt to see what color bra you are wearing so you can post it in your status update, go ahead and feel around in there, make sure there are no lumps. And if there are, call your doc for a clinical exam!


(I think more of us need to repost this.)


What I wanted to write about was not so much about the whys, whats and the wherefores of the campaign but wonder out loud as to what about the whole campaign caught the ladies’ imagination.

I am quite certain it was not all about spreading awareness about breast cancer… it was barely about breasts.

Was it about feeling empowered or was it pure fun… Or like a friend said, it was about expressing solidarity with all women.

The idea caught on with me because it was just so outrageous! For me it was not so much about creating awareness than a sense of adventure/conspirational glee... I can't quite put my finger on it.

I do not want this post to be taken as a feminist or social commentary of "our times" but something interesting that caught my eye and made me want to write about it. But it did make me think how the idea of feminism seems to have moved away from the days of bra burning (though I am apprised of the fact that no bras were actually burnt prior to the coining of the term). Today it was not about “Sunday is longer than Monday”; today women wore their bra on their sleeve (a figure of speech mind you.) And the bolder the colour the braver you were.

This undercover expose is in stark contrast to the times when upon seeing a bra strap peeping out innocently, the shirt/top/kurta’s shoulder was hastily straightened to by a concerned colleague (female of course) or mom or aunt or sister. Or those seemingly nonchalant but curious one shoulder shrugs (pointing out the culprit side), and a casual patting of that particular shoulder to indicate a prison escape in a meeting. (This has to be one of the funniest sights ever… A meeting is on and from the far side you locate a colleague doing a one shoulder Macarena to tell you that your strap is out…). But today it was all out.

I have never before thought of this piece of clothing as anything more than a means of support and defying the effects of gravity for as long as possible. But today, under all the fun and mirth it created I thought i detected a glint of defiance.

Maybe I am looking for depths that don’t exist or am I on to something. Do let me know what you guys think (men included).


sengemo said...

for me it was pure adventure (i never had to struggle to assert myself) :) And it seems women are enjoying why not :)

March Hare said...

Amen to that, T!

Shwetz said...

You know I love that you wrote about it and emphasized the 'Check the lumps' part!
'Cos otherwise I've been stubbornly staying away from what has looked like pure armchair activism to me.
Plus the first messages I got about the 'put up ur colour' said,
"girls on FB have just played a trick on our male FB-friends! It´s been quite funny! Here it goes: On your wall state the color of the bra you are currently wearing, just the color and nothing more! (some women who don´t wear a bra just wrote transparent, invisible or none ;-) )

Send this to all your female FB friends...NO MALES!!! Sit back and watch it spread...and see how all men starts wondering why all the girls have a color on their status!!!

We started this early yesterday, and some of the men has either fallen into the trap and started to respond with postings they think are adequate (which can turn into some really funny twists) , or they are still acting like question marks and trying dirty tricks like sending you a message to find out what´s going on! ;-)

Have fun, we did/still are... especially with some men!!! :-)"

And somewhere in the course of 24 hrs, it changed to a cancer awareness thingy, which to me was a way of playing on ur emotions to get the status out there! Much like the you'll die if u don't fwd this chain mails! Was weirded out by the display, but I like the twist your writings brought to it!
This is why I love your blog!
Sorry abt the long comment! :)

March Hare said...
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March Hare said...

Thanks Shwetz!
It's a pity that all that excitement was created by a hoax of sorts. Thanks for pointing that out! The bit about "not sending to males" bit in the msg i rcvd should have sent some bells ringing but i guess the lure of risque behaviour got the better of me! I guess the mystery of how it started is more or less cleared up.
However, I do sincerely hope that in all this some good did come out, esp. in piquing people's curiosity enough to act upon it.
and as for long comments, please the longer the better! :D

Latin Sardar said...

Wow, this is strange. I caught a whiff of this fad earlier today while at work. And although, not my place to say, well, much, but reading the comment above by Shwetz, it looks like a sorta chick flick gone wrong... But in all what came out of it actually turned into something worthwhile, accidentally at it, but still...

Simran said...

Shoulder macarena!! hahaha..

Catharsis said...

So what happens if its prostrate cancer awareness month! :P

March Hare said...

Hmmm... barring a few reds and pink, i am guessing it will be blacks, greys and whites.

Catharsis said...

PINK!!!!!! How metrosexual is that!:P