Thursday, 19 November 2009

Birds of a feather

Here I was thinking that I would be penning down reams of interesting stuff on this blog poking fun at marital life and dispensing well meaning and equally well-disguised advice, only to now realise how everything has descended into the mundane so soon!

Mayhap there is better understanding between V and I, making peace with the fact that somethings won't change no matter how loud you scream (those dishes are my sole responsibility now), that shouting doesn't make any difference and a little sensitivity goes a long way in maintaining harmony at home and abroad.

It would be wrong to assume we have attained marital nirvana, but a working order seem to be in place. For now, at least.

Or maybe I am turning schizo. Just a week back i was complaining to a friend about how difficult it seems at times to cope with this new living arrangement or if you would have been better off had you waited a wee bit longer for better prospects to bloom.

Well I guess not... but before you break into "awwww...s" let me tell you that it the answer is not even within a sniffing distance of the realm of romantic.

Things would have been the same - that's because all men are the same. (If you can accept this fact, you chug along fine without much huffing and puffing!)

Now how many times have you heard a woman tell you that (the men being the same bit)? You might agree in principle but I am not certain how many of you have actually experienced this phenomena. Before I got married I was an ardent proponent of the thought but secretly hoped to bag the elusive "he is not like others type" So when V and I tied the knot, I was almost certain, I had achieved the near impossible. Now, of course I am wiser! What I have also wisened up to is the fact that all men are indeed the same.

Last weekend was spent visiting friends who have recently entered matrimony or have been around the block for a while.

Playback of a conversation I had:

Girl 1: "Oh he is soooo nice!"

Girl 2 "Try being married to him! But your husband's is so charming"

Girl 1 (making a wry face): "You don't live with him"

And this was repeated across households.

Observing them (and endless chats about how life is soooo different from when we were single) made me realise how all of us had more or less the same issues to deal with! No matter what colour, caste or creed they may be, they are essentially from the same mould.

Which may lead you into thinking that you could be married to anyone and be equally happy or mad... maybe it's not that simple either. If you can accept the fact that you will be married to a person who will take you for granted, think he is always right, know the theory of everything but will do none of the practical, will dispense advise on how to take care of the house, laundry, food etc. but make minimal contribution and some other basic caveats (I am sure there are plenty)... But once you make peace with the above constants, you can play around with desirable (variable) qualities. eg: you want the one who can dance or is funny or charming or intelligent or successful or pretends to understand you, or well endowed... You are now absolutely spoilt for choice!

Disclaimer: This is a blog (especially this entry) born out of an amalgam of boredom, joblessness, the itch to write, frustration and lessons of life. Any resemblance to people, incidents, experiences or absolute truth at times is coincidental (intention might be a bit suspect. The jury is still out on this one).


Shwetz said...

LOL! Leaves u with a smile as alwayss! :)

Latin Sardar said...

ha haa, funny, wry as always. Makes me believe even I'm like that and there's actually no need for me to change... LOL

March Hare said...

@ Shwetz: always a pleasure to hear u smile! And i noticed u din disagree :D

@Latin Sardar: Sweetie you can't fight centuries of evolution...even if u try..sighhh...

sengemo said...

i still have hope :) i think tashi is like this nice guy who is like the BEST for me but yes, there are times i wish he were this or that. i fear what u say is probably the truth but i am forcing myself to believe in 'my love' haha

March Hare said...

@ Tnz: Love is indeed blind! :D

Groovy said...

Peru - you most definitely seem to have found the holy grail of marital bliss -- I take it that you have made your peace with the 'facts' and are (not so quietly) enjoying the 'desirable (variable) qualities' ;-)

Just FYI - the 'desirables' are not necessarily 'or' dependent. If one is lucky enough, you get the one who can dance 'and' is funny 'and' charming 'and' ... endowed.


March Hare said...

@ Anu: ha! IF and that's a BIG IF, you find that man... he won't want you! :D
He he! Btw looking fwd to ur writing adventures soon!