Tuesday, 8 September 2009

I'll tell you what's cookin'!

I have been ignoring the urge to write about this certain topic because honestly I thought my reaction was a reflection on what I felt. Well this time I threw caution to the wind and decided to vent my ire nonetheless.

But before I launch into my diatribe, let me give you a background. I have been a working professional (a better phrase escapes my incensed state of mind for now!) for the last five years and quite proud of it. So it was quite a difficult decision to make when life being a B*T$% it usually tends to be, put forth a choice between matrimony and temporary (oh How I hope it is temporary) unemployment! Having dealt with the predicament over six months or so and telling myself ki naukri toh mil jayegi but I will lose out on this handsome devil, I decided to tie the knot instead and kissed my pay cheques goodbye.

Now before you tell yourself that it serves me right, let me clarify something. The husband is not a medieval tyrant who can’t stand working women. It’s just that marriage came with the compulsion of moving out of the country. With many a snigger and tut-tuts I was asked if I was serious about quitting my job in peak recession time, to which I gave them an enigmatic smile and nodded a confident yes.

Needless to say after the initial days of bliss the scary scepter of the unemployed status began rearing its ugly head. I know many young women who made the same decision as I. Some were smart enough to have back ups (the option to work from home), others were happy taking a break. I being a worry wart love to obsess. You see having accomplished the first half of fat and complacent in the last 28 years or so, I have a mortal fear of the onset of complacency!

In fact, the blog was a result of the resolution not to let my skills go to waste. Anyhow I digress… So while I was trying to look to earn a living, I had to perform certain domestic duties, such as cooking. Now I had never cooked before getting married. It’s not something I am proud of, but is a statement of fact. I just couldn’t get my head around chopping the aromatics… anyhooo I digress yet again. Cutting the long story short, soon I realised that I am a mighty good cook (you see modesty was never a virtue with me), and have the flair etc. Heady with excitement after the first perfectly cooked batch of pepper chicken and navrattan korma, I went and proclaimed it to the world!

One other thing you need to know about me that while modest I am not, na├»ve I am plenty. Here I am thinking people will tell me how proud they are of me and my prowess, I had actually given some a handy weapon to undermine my unemployed ego! Now no longer am I asked how life is, but how is the cooking coming along, or “oh what did you cook today”, or how cooking is my new found love, you get the picture. Now the ones who genuinely feel for me don’t make the entire cooking escapade an issue but then there are those who never fail to rattle my nerves, with their constant kitchen bitchin’. How else do you explain, “you are so lucky to have the time to experiment, I am so pooped after work, I can barely manage to eat!” This from a former fellow reporter who claims to be an epitome of bharatiy naarihood! Or this other person who recently earned her colours as a doc and a new boyfriend but can only find time to ask “kya pakaya” or what’s the new thing you are experimenting with in the kitchen" or "A hyrdocoele kept me busy today, anyhow you tell me what did you cook today". Nothing nutty enough, I should have told her! These are just a couple of examples, and while the list of such people may not be long but the constant kitchen queries are no less irritating.

Initially these jibes would hurt. Mainly, I thought, because this dramatically changed situation was new to me and it was all in my head. Then I tried ignoring the barbs. In fact began giving these folks enough details to shut them up. Then recently this irritating person popped up again with the same smug attitude, which pissed me off. Then a funny thing happened - I laughed. I laughed at myself for being a fool. For letting this bunch making me resent something I enjoy doing. Well yes there I said it. I LOVE Cooking and for their information I am jolly good cook. I make a mean meen curry and I am proud of it. You can take all your articles and shows on well being and your stethoscopes and shove it up where the sun don shine ‘cos my sambar rules!


Shwetz said...

Wooohoo!!! U go girl!!!! :D
My favoritest post ever!!!!
And i so get where ur coming from!!! Awesome stuff!!!
Can't wait to head over fr a visit and some homecooked khaanA :D

Latin Sardar said...

Well, as one of the few lucky ones who have tasted your food, I'd like to say it was a treat just as must reading your blog is.

Mira said...

Who sez you cant cook-my tummy dearest remembers the sambhar it got on a not too distant weekend and that never fails to translate the memory into stimulating the rest of the gastrointestinal system into a series of orchestrated rumblings and droolings.