Wednesday, 30 September 2009

And to think!

How can there be hate in the marriage? You make room- Thus spoke the wise Marie Barone. One of my favourite characters on TV. Well to be honest most of my marriage wisdom comes from the great sitcom that is Everybody loves Raymond. But this time the topic of discussion is not to exalt the virtues of this great work of art but to gripe…yet again. And the famous words of Mamma Barone make my head nod fervently.

This has to be the soonest I have ever posted an entry after I have made one for the week. There is good reason for it... for I don't want to contradict the very wise saying that Hell hath no fury than a woman scorned (or her blog, in my case!)

Researching for some scathing sentiments from neutral parties (read online quote resources) I came across the following gem. "If they can send one man to the moon why can't they send them all?" My sentiments exactly! And while we are on the subject, please make sure my husband is on that flight. Fit him in the cargo if the seats are full!

A sudden change from my last post, you say! Let me tell you why. I finally understood why someone once said love is a temporary insanity cured by marriage. In my case I am sure it must have been a superbug that addled my brains!

Because no matter what you do, something’s don’t change. Night follows day, bees sting, dogs bite, flu sucks and men remain men.

For no matter how taken in you may be by the love shuv and the rest of the rigmarole, reality comes sauntering back and bites your hiney, eventually.

After writing the last post I made His highness VTK, aka as the husband, read the entry. As he read, I looked upon him fondly, caressing his sparse hair… telling myself how lucky I was and how much I loved him. This sweet sweet man. As his finger scrolled the page down, and the words flowed reflected in his hypermetropic eyes, my heart overflowed with love for him. He finishes reading it, gives me a peck on the cheek and says,

“Not as good as your earlier ones!”

I will give you a moment to let it sink in… another few moments to feel sorry for me…and those pigs among you, moments to laugh.

Ah so this is what a sucker punch feels like.

SO much for, the cuddles and cooings and love yous and faux gallant efforts at looking after me. The second the mercury dipped to 98.6 degree F, it was business as usual in the UPPAL-Kallarackal household! (He had a problem with this nomenclature as well!) Foolish foolish girl And for the record, it will REMAIN Uppal-Kallarackal!HA!

Why are they such a thankless lot! Does it kill them to keep their ill-formed opinion to themselves and do the right thing by keeping their gobs shut!

After months of ribbing about how my blog is my way of venting off ire, and teasing me about how made fun of him publicly, I decide to do the decent thing and thank him PUBLICLY for being…. (it now kills me to say it) nice! So much for Mrs goodie two shoes!

No more Mrs Nice guy (I guess there’s no fear of that happening!)!From now on I stick to my guns and fire away at these ungrateful punks!

And now that the honeymoon is over folks, I need to go back and resume doing the household chores .

Of all the ungrateful, thankless, muleheaded….grrrr… And oh yeah… The breakfast wasn’t all that great! HA!


Shwetz said...

I'm guessing someone's going to be sleeping on the couch tonight! :)
Read both together! Was awwing for the first one and have no comments fr the second! ;)

Latin Sardar said...

LOL!!! First thing I read in the morning and it's this...

Mum's the Word said...

hahaha.... u always manage to get into splits..... really wish i had the guts or rather the freedom to write abt my hubby this way..... but the Mars man would never get it..... :)

March Hare said...

Thanks you guys! Guess what the husband thinks this post was so much "me" than the previous one! These men!!!! And then they say women confuse!

Haddock said...

Love the caricatures that accompany your posts.